Thursday, April 27, 2006

Call for submissions - Tar Heel Tavern #62: Best of North Carolina

We'll be hosting the Tar Heel Tavern blog carnival here on 30 April 2006.

So, I'm shouting out to all NC bloggers to e-mail their submissions to me by Saturday evening, 29 April, at 8 PM EDT (0100 GMT 30 Apr): bullcitybooster AT gmail DOT com.

I note the GMT conversion because I'd also like to solicit posts on the best things about living in, or visiting, North Carolina from anyone who has ever lived or visited here. I know that many bloggers have come through the state, especially due to our many great universities. So, even if you don't live in NC now, I'd love to field your entry.

Anton has two posts this week, here and here, that are good examples of celebrating the great things about living in North Carolina. You've got some beautiful children there, Anton.

Maybe you'll want to sing the praises of your favorite restaurant, record store, professor, friend, secret fishing hole, beach, arts festival, mountain hideaway - whatever.

Of course, I'll accept any of the best writing of my Old North State compatriots on any topic, as usual.

Just let me know in the subject line of your e-mail which section you wish to be listed in: "Tar Heel Tavern - Best of NC" or "Tar Heel Tavern - General."

I'll try to have THT posted sometime before Saturday Night Live airs.


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